Below is a list of general policies that relate to all lodges. Each lodge may also have a few other policies that relate specifically to it.
Please see that individual lodge's website for more details.

The normal check-in time is 3:00pm. Check-out time is 11:00am; other times by prior arrangement. It is helpful
if we know your approximate arrival time. We will do our best to fulfill any orders for early check-in (no Saturdays) and late check-out
(no Fridays). Please do NOT show up prior to 3:00pm unless you have scheduled and paid for an early check-in. If you show up prior
to 3:00pm without a confirmed early check-in you will not be able to check-in and be asked to please come back at 3:00pm.

Having a good time is encouraged, but guest may not be disruptive to others. Guest are expected to use common courtesy. Quiet time
starts at 10:00pm unless otherwise approved.

BBQ grills are for use with charcoal only (no exceptions).

No outside fires are allowed except in specific designated fire pits in the common areas. However, if fire danger is high then no fires
are allowed at all, including charcoal.

Fireworks are never allowed!

Any rooms that have fireplaces do not include any firewood. Duraflame logs are available for purchase. Only Duraflame or similar type
manufactured logs are acceptable for use in indoor wood burning fireplaces (traditional firewood is not allowed).

No smoking in the rooms. Whenever smoking outside please use extra precaution. Please also dispose of all butts properly in an ashtray.
A $100 discovery charge will be applied for any smoking inside a room.

One assigned parking spot per unit. Additional vehicles will need to obtain permission and a spot from the frontdesk in the lobby.

No furniture should be moved without getting permission from the office manager first (I.e. beds, picnic tables, etc.)

Guests are provided one towel and one wash cloth per person. Those are expected to last for your stay (unless your stay is more than
a week).

There are skunks, raccoons, bears and birds of prey near most of the lodges. Please be sure to dispose of and seal trash securely.

Only pets that are well behaved, friendly and supervised are allowed at the lodge. Pets must be leashed when outside due to safety
concerns and in accordance with the state's leash law. Pets must immediately be cleaned up after. For your convenience we have scoops
located in a couple of areas. Pets are not allowed to be left alone in cabins unless crated and only then for a very brief time.

A discovery fee of $100 per occurrence will be added for any undisclosed people or pets.

The waste water systems demand that we be cautious of what we discard into kitchen drains and toilets. A list of non-acceptable items
is provided in each room. When in doubt - don't.

Any firearms must be disclosed to the office manager upon arrival. Additionally, paintball and BB guns are not allowed for use on
the property.

Guests are expected to do some minimal housekeeping and exercise care of their room. All cleaning is handled by our folks once a
guest has departed. If the place is left a mess an additional minimum $25 fee will be assessed.

We expect all guests to follow the good general rule of leaving a place better than you found it. For decades our lodges have been some
of the neatest places to stay in Arizona and we need your help to keep it that way. All rooms receive a post-occupancy inspection
and by booking a reservation you acknowledge responsibility for any damages or theft incurred during your stay, which will be charged
to your credit card.

Guests are responsible for taking care of themselves and their dependents. We are not liable for any accidents, injuries or loss of any

We have a 30-day cancellation policy. A $45 cancellation fee per room will be applied for any cancellations. Because we often book out
in advance and have limited accommodations there are no cancellations or refunds allowed less than 30-days from the arriva
l date - no exceptions (this includes inclement weather). By booking a reservation you affirm that you have had an opportunity
to review our accommodations as satisfactory for your stay.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask prior to making a reservation. All reservations are charged in full at the time
of booking. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Thank you very much for your patronage and we look forward to your arrival!